So, what’s the story?

petedaviesconsulting was created in response to a change in career direction as a result of an unexpected redundancy in summer ‘18. After 25 years of working across a range of organisations and sectors the appeal of working as an independent freelancer is strong. After training as a secondary school teacher I taught in Bradford, Leeds and North London before entering the third sector with Common Purpose to facilitate, develop and direct Your Turn, their young people’s national citizenship campaign. Education and regeneration (the focus of my degree) came together at Community at Heart, a NDC programme in East Bristol, where I learned the skills of project and programme management and the essence of community and neighbourhood development.

Moving into social housing enabled me to gain a good understand housing management whilst progressing into community investment in the sector by establishing a new service; Community Empowerment. During this time at Knightstone Housing I freelanced as the chair of a regional fostering panel for The Adolescent & Childhood Trust which gave me an insight into issues around inclusion. I’ve since and currently work freelance for the School for Social Entrepreneurs as a learning manager and Action Learning Set facilitator, have led on delivering reviews of tenant engagement with Monmouthshire Housing and subsequently older people’s housing with United Welsh. I’m currently an associate with TPAS, the tenant engagement experts and am working to become an associate with NDTi, the inclusion organisation. I recently facilitated a conference in Brussels for the social enterprise programme SPARK which brought together practitioners and stakeholders from the UK, Holland and Belgium.

Never wanting to become too much of a specialist and being proud of my ability to bring my skills to the sectors I’d like to support, I’m now entering the consultancy sector 100% for the first time and look forwards to doing business with you.