We've got to start somewhere..

I understand that some of us thrive when change comes knocking on our door whilst others panic and worry about how those terrifying grey areas and lack of security might affect everything for the worse. Well, just when I least expected it I got just what I least expected - served a P45 after not securing a promotion as a result of a corporate merger and restructure and wished the very best of luck.

That was in summer ‘18 and after a few months of going out with my head held high, investing some redundancy on some holidays and new consultants ‘kit’: laptop, phone, printer, nice coat etc.. on October 1st committed to at least 12 months of freelancing. The temptation ever since to secure and slide back into a new job in a new business has come and gone in waves, but here I am, drafting my first blog into my first website four months into this brave new journey.

Lots of positive factors fell into place after the P45 moment and I’ve been working flat out across some great projects and working alongside some superb people, yet from mid-February, pretty much from next week onwards, the calendars gloriously empty and my aspirations are well, just glorious. After three and a half years of supporting entrepreneurs to establish new social enterprises, the irony is not lost on me that now I’m coaching myself to set up my own venture. This is not a social enterprise. That might come in due course, but for now I’m navigating my past to clarify my future and my value proposition to take into a range of markets. Am I too much of a generalist? How do I work my network - your network is your networth after all right? How to I create the conditions for conversations that could lead to new projects? Who the hell is out there doing what I want to do, but doing it already and doing it really well? How much time can I justify working in this new business? When shall I stop asking myself these questions?

It seems increasingly that many of us are moving into freelancing. I’ve actually been holding down freelancing roles for years alongside my day jobs, so this isn’t that new, but the scale of it is. Anyways, this wasn't supposed to be the subject of my first blog - the idea is that I’ll uncover and share great pieces of work out there that link into the themes of work that I’m closest too - then analyse them and offer my cultured views for all to enjoy - get me eh.. how brave/stupid/arrogant is that?

Well, we’ve all got to start somewhere - and this is me starting here… thanks for reading

Pete Davies