Consultants like presenting the skills, activities and expertise they’re able to offer their potential clients. I get that, but I’m more interested in working up projects that combine some of these elements and take us into new areas of work together, shaping approaches to suit your needs and specific aims. The idea of fluidity at work attracts me, the ability to morph projects and processes as they evolve, weaving new ideas in without losing sight of the goal. All that said - here are my offers.. in no particular order and linked together as required or engineered:

  • research and development:: either looking at the big issues, or unpicking what matters locally through interviews, surveys and desktop work to provide a new context from which to progress solutions

  • event development and facilitation:: any audience, any theme, anywhere.. when the event starts I kick into action and off we go.. keeping to plan, involving the delegates and working along the contributors to bring it all together

  • business and enterprise development:: whether an emerging social enterprise, a service within a large organisation or a charity looking for a new strategy, fine tuning is often required and the answers and ideas are usually waiting to come out

  • action learning set facilitation:: could be delivered online through virtual platforms or face to face in small groups, ALS is a profound and proven method which takes us forwards together in a safe, unique space that’s supports and challenges in equal measure

  • learning programme design and delivery:: building and facilitating impactful and stimulating courses of differing intensities and foci is great fun whilst offering learners the opportunity to develop new skills, reflect on the past and build for the future as individuals and also as a connected group

  • critical friend and evaluator:: having an independent view, bringing a fresh set of senses and ideas to a piece of work often takes teams to the next level, reviewing progress, identifying issues and offering solutions within a wider framework enables continuous improvement for all involved

  • coaching and mentoring:: definitely of our time right now and a great activity to offer individuals and teams which often takes us into and out of tight spots together through intense conversations, action planning and holding each other to account

  • chairing:: often underestimated, this traditional role makes a huge difference when played properly, as with event facilitation, any audience and any subject, it shouldn’t matter - what matters is getting through the business by enabling everyone to have their voice heard

    Please Note: petedaviesconsulting is fully covered by Hiscox Insurance for both Professional Indemnity Insurance (£500k) and Personal & Product Liability Insurance (£1m)